MB Anifleja specialists have been offering accounting services for many years.

In particular, it covers a wide range of accounting services, from primary accounting and tax accounting to the submission of financial statements to the institutions.

Accounting and personal transaction services

Professional accounting will allow managers to make decisions without risking receiving fines from tax and audit authorities.

Our employees do not need to be reminded of the end of the reporting period and the deadline for submitting declarations.

For example, the list of accounting services includes accounting services for banking and cash transactions, which include:

  • opening and closing customer accounts;
  • preparation of payment orders in the bank serving the customer;
  • signing of payment orders prepared for execution, client's current account accounting services;
  • preparation of cash documents to the bank, preparation and submission of documents to the customer's bank, confirming the calculation and setting of the cash limit at the company's cash desk, service and submission of documents for receiving the customer's cash at the bank;
  • cash book keeping;
  • primary documents - registration and accounting of incoming and outgoing cash registers, orders, formation of the company's cash book.

In providing this list of services, accounting services are usually provided in conjunction with the completion of loan applications, the preparation, approval and execution of documents for obtaining loans from banks and other financial transactions.

The list of payroll accounting services includes:

  • direct calculation of the salary of the client's employees (including calculation of leave, temporary disability due to illness, injury, etc.);
  • accounting assistance for settlements with the client's employees;
  • calculation of all types of taxes (personal income tax, insurance premiums) that must be calculated and paid;
  • preparation and execution of documents for settlements with the client's employees - pay slips and cash expense orders;
  • provision of information on income received, workplace certificates and other information in accordance with the forms approved in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Tax accounting services

The tax laws of the Republic of Lithuania are quite complex and sometimes contradictory. The procedures for calculating mandatory contributions and calculating the base change frequently, so business owners are required to constantly monitor changes in the law and look for highly qualified employees. Any mistake has serious consequences that can not only affect the financial results, but also undermine the existence of the company and lead to criminal liability. This makes company executives think seriously about attracting competent professionals from outside.

Anifleja staff will relieve you of tax and financial risks. We will save time and money, help optimize the tax system in the company, check the reliability and accuracy of accounting. It is a powerful tool for organizing a stable and profitable business.

Tax accounting services include in particular:

  • formation of tax accounting registers on paper;
  • calculation of taxes and levies payable to budgets at all levels;
  • coordination of settlements with tax authorities;
  • preparation and preparation of regulated tax reports (tax returns and advance payments) based on the performance of the client during the reporting (tax) period, which is subsequently submitted in electronic or paper form.

Accounting policy writing services for accounting and tax purposes

An undertaking independently develops accounting policies in accordance with the laws and standards of the Republic of Lithuania. For each accounting direction, the company has the right to choose the most convenient method of processing from the allowed list. If the regulations do not specify the accounting methods for a particular issue:

  • the company itself creates an optimal scheme based on accounting standards and current industry guidelines;
  • the company with the right of simplified accounting formulates the accounting policy based on the requirements of rationality. 
  • specialists are competent to formulate the company's tax and accounting accounting policy in any area of activity, as well as to make adjustments. We will select the best accounting methods and prepare the accompanying documentation (orders, applications, instructions, etc.) within the set time.

Accounting update services

The reasons why it is necessary to restore accounting in a company can be very varied. What does the cost of accounting recovery depend on? There is no single universal accounting recovery methodology, as it all depends on the specific circumstances (presence or absence of primary accounting documents, state of the electronic database, etc.). Restoration of accounting is always a complex process that can only be performed by a highly qualified accountant with experience and understanding of the features of this procedure. place in the" past "periods (observe constant changes in legislation and look at certain situations of regulators).

The cost of accounting recovery services depends on many factors:

  • the accounting status of the company and the amount of work required;
  • the need to create company document templates;
  • the time interval during which quality accounting was not performed;
  • the number of transactions and payments to be handled by accounting professionals;
  • the number of report forms to be worked on;
  • the number of regulatory authorities that need to submit documents after the changes.

The cost of restoring accounting is, of course, almost always lower than companies incur as a result of structural revenues. At the same time, customer costs fully offset the quality and completeness of support.

Client consulting accounting issues services

This type of service includes both one-off consultations and ongoing operational assistance on current tax issues, organization of accounting and reporting, potential tax risks arising from various administrative and economic actions. Specialists provide services in planning, calculating, and estimating the tax burden on certain types of transactions or proposed transactions.